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Soup Faerie Helpers LJ Community!

Here we can interact, complain, and just share all our stories/fun w/o having to worry about all the restrictions that neopets puts on us...

Unfortunately, to maintain the harmony that I wish to have in this community, there must be some rules. Ahh, now the rules.
  • All entries must be related to Neopets. No exceptions.
  • If something has already been posted about, do not post a repeat message. For example, if Neopet goes down and someone else has already posted an entry about it, do not make another entry about the downtime. Instead, just reply to the existing entry.
  • Any and ALL advertisements or images MUST be placed behind a LJ-Cut. Not sure how to make a LJ-Cut? Visit THIS FAQ to see how.
  • No posts that could start up arguments. If you have an offensive opinion you wish to share do so by posting in your personal journal. Posts and/or comments that could start arguments/tension will not be tolerated.
  • I suggest you make sure any topics you discuss are acceptable for younger viewers... This is to be a community with only PG content.
  • If you feel that you MUST discuss something kinda "iffy" -- make sure you do a LJ-Cut thing & put a little warning about content... ;) Remember, only PG content is allowed. Remember that language that I deem to be foul will not be tolerated. There is a community available that does not monitor language: neopianrants
  • If your posts are going to be rather long, please use the LJ-Cut tool to shorten your post...
  • Icons that are posted to this community must also meet the PG requirement. That means no icons with nudity and/or curse words will be allowed.
  • Any entries or replies that break this community's rules will be deleted without warning.

This community is maintained by: anqi & jessyta

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