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Wow, congratulations! That must have been so awesome to log in and see.
Your site is adorable - I love the theme.
thank you!
Congratulations on the Site Spotlight. Dislike the sharing part though ;)

Also, please put the image behind LJ-cut because like the rules said, "Any and ALL advertisements or images MUST be placed behind a LJ-Cut. Not sure how to make a LJ-Cut? Visit THIS FAQ (link) to see how."
thank you , I did not know that and I will fix it promptly!
Wow! Congrats--that's really cool!
thank you!
:o Congrats! Must feel really good :)
it does, Especially after they kept me waiting for three weeks after sending me their 'Your submission is up forconsideration' message!
Hahaha. They did it on purpose I bet, to keep the tension :p