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Neopets Galleries

Hello everyone! I am here to admit to a deep dark secret.
I'm a gallery addict :(

Yes indeed this is true. I love collecting and adding to my gallery, and I love love love looking at other peoples' galleries!

I've been adding lots of stuff to my gallery but I want more ideas, so please, share your gallery with me? I'm looking for galleries that are pretty, different and unique!

You can see mine @ www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?gu=asrafrate

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I don't have a gallery, but just wanted to say that yours is lovely! :)
Being that I am a total laggard when it comes to responding, can I please give you my heart felt thanks :)
It's been a labour of love, and in a way a nostalgic reminder of good times (and bad) that have been and gone.
i love looking at galleries like yours (have a lot in them).
i have a snowager gallery (items i get from snowager) a buzzer gallery (which i have been neglecting) and a cute gallery (things with smileys or things i think are cute). you can check it out here http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=vernzo

how did your gallery start? what was the theme? and does it have a theme now?
Oh! Thankyou for responding, and apologies for taking so long to reply!

Hrrmm how did my gallery start. Well I never reall had a "theme" it was always a place for me to put gifts and items that I liked. I've collected random "themed collections" over time that went into the gallery, but because I've always loved mermaids, the water faerie was an instant LOVE! so I've been collecting water faerie items for what feels like forever ;_;
Everything else is by mood.

p.s. love your gallery too! At some point I need to get me a Wuzzer @_@
I have two:

My first one is my largest, most extensive. It's a "School supplies gallery" and it's on my secondary account:


And the other one is on my main account, but I started it much later - it's my Vira gallery, full of Vira things and broken pixels of hate and malice:


It's much more expensive to buy items for that one, and I'm not on Neopets much anymore, otherwise I'm sure it would be bigger.
So many cute school supplies! I was so upset when TNT decided not to progress re the whole school thing :(

Hehhe and your gallery name for the Vira gallery is quite cute too :P
"Spiteful Pixels of Hate and Malice"
And yeah, there are quite a few NICE, but expensive Vira items around, but I love what you've got in there!
im currently making a illusens galde gallery . i havent got all the stuff yet.. but i will for october 19th . if i have loadsofmoneyy for the last quests .
my sn is chanelshowgirl