faerie quest [04 Sep 2009|07:04am]
any chance someone can shop wizard "red grundo key chain" for me?

thanks in advance.  

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[21 Dec 2008|07:49pm]
Isn't there a slots like game other than Scorchy Slots? I could've sworn there was.. It was one of those flash ones. Anyone know the name or if they still have it?

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Draik Nest? [29 Mar 2008|12:49am]
Hey everyone (new member here~)

I've been playing neopets for several years now, however after coming back from a long break I feel very silly asking if the Draik Nest is still active in neopia?
If so, where can I find it? Because I really want a draik, and until I earn enough money for a morphing potion/an egg in the trading post, I'll have to settle with cheaper (preferably free) alternatives.
Sorry if I sound like a total lostie - but thanks to anyone who can help out!

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Neopet sick? [25 Dec 2007|06:04pm]
Hey peeps.

I keep looking at my neopet --- Arthur --- and he has that sad look on his face. He is not sick or hungry, does anyone know why this look never changes?

Any help would be appreciated...

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[05 Sep 2007|08:16pm]
Oh wow! I didn't realize I was doing a faerie quest for the rainbow fountain faerie after I completed it, but after coughing up 65,000 for a "golden lamp" I got to paint my Aisha Faerie!


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Help! [30 Aug 2007|08:38am]
Neopets hasn't been working lately for me. I think I got some kinda Norton Internet Security update that might be blocking it.

Can someone help me?

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SITE SPOTLIGHT [15 Aug 2007|10:52pm]

OH MAN! guess who won the site spotlight?

Answer/ScreencapCollapse )
Go check it out!

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Chia Pops? [03 Jul 2007|10:32pm]
Hey do you guys know what happened to the magical chia pops? Were there a limited number and they all just got eaten?
I've searched high and low and can't find a one :(

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Neopets Galleries [02 Jul 2007|09:01pm]
mood | excited

Hello everyone! I am here to admit to a deep dark secret.
I'm a gallery addict :(

Yes indeed this is true. I love collecting and adding to my gallery, and I love love love looking at other peoples' galleries!

I've been adding lots of stuff to my gallery but I want more ideas, so please, share your gallery with me? I'm looking for galleries that are pretty, different and unique!

You can see mine @ www.neopets.com/gallery/index.phtml?gu=asrafrate


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[07 Jun 2007|03:01pm]
Anyone know what's up with the bank?
Admittedly, I don't read the "news" much... but it's been 3 days!
How long does it take to "upgrade/fix" something like that?
I'm missing out on a lot of interest and carrying around a lot of neopoints that I really don't want stolen by "something has happened!" events...

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